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Congratulations to Curtin Staff for voting down
this terrible deal - negotiations and next steps...

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We already knew that the majority had voted to reject the offer, and we learned today that the results were a 72% No vote, with 79% of eligible employees voting.


That is a remarkable result. A win for YOU, a win for Curtin staff and a win for the NTEU Curtin members, NTEU Curtin Branch Committee, NTEU staff and others from around the country who worked tirelessly to achieve this result.

By voting NO and standing strong, you have already secured a 3% pay rise AND back pay.


Members are keeping the pressure on with well-planned escalating industrial action.


Urgent Member Meetings this week:

We'll be discussing next steps. Use this link to attend:

Tuesday 28 February from 12noon


Protected Industrial Action Q&A Meetings:

We know that Curtin NTEU members have a range of questions about protected industrial action, and so we are offering more Q&A sessions this week.


Please attend at least one of these sessions, as senior industrial officer Wayne Cupido will be in attendance to answer questions.

Use the links below to attend the meetings:

Curtin Student Guild in action!

Watch the Curtin Student Guild's video expressing their solidarity with Curtin staff. Read their media statement as well regarding their support of NTEU Curtin Branch members taking industrial action on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February

However you voted in the non-union ballot, remember these points.

Curtin senior management bragging about how their salary offer is the highest among WA universities (*see below) is the same senior management that...

...denied you an administrative pay-rise during bargaining while receiving a salary increase themselves. Why don't they recognise the hard work of Curtin staff and address the rising cost of living?

...instead of offering a fair pay increase, has offered

staff a one-off payment which will do nothing to address the skyrocketing cost of living. Only a real increase to your wages will. 

...chose to run this ballot at a time when most casuals would be ineligible to vote. Their offer contains little to address the bulk of issues around casuals' insecure work in any real way.

*The claim that senior management's pay offer is the highest among WA universities is incredibly disingenuous.

No other WA university is as far into the bargaining process as Curtin. There have been NO formal pay offers made by these universities. This union would not support a pay offer that wasn't in staff's best interests.

Curtin is, however, the only public university in WA that has not offered a pay rise to staff as a gesture of goodwill since the last pay increase under the existing Agreement which expired in June 2021.

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